Mission Statement to aid the poor and needy by feeding the hungry and clothing those in need so that they may see the goodness of the Lord.

What does the Fellowship Service League Ministry Do?

People are hungry every day.  We maintain a Food Pantry by sponsoring a food drive.  Monthly we place our Helping Hands Wagon in the sanctuary where members of the congregation can provide canned goods and nonperishable items to have available for anyone in need.

We beautify the church during the holy days.  At Easter time we celebrate the ressurection of Christ by having a Lily Drive.  On Easter morning the Sanctuary is filled with the fragrant smell of lilies as they adorn the windows and aisles of the church.  We also prepare Easter Baskets to assist those that may be less fortunate in the community by providing all the fixings needed to prepare a beautiful Easter dinner including ham, string beans, or greens, mashed potatoes or yams, bread, beverage and dessert.  As we celebrate the reason for the season, the Birth of Jesus, the Sanctuary is decorated with lights, candles, manger scenes, angels and poinsettias.  We aid the community by sponsoring an Angel Tree from the Salvation Army.  Members of the church can take a name off the tree and provide a nice gift to a child to help them experience the joy of Christmas.  This lets them know that Jesus loves them and sent this Angel to assist them during the Christmas time.

During the year we provide our "Annual Taste of Seasons" and Fashion Show where we provide a very inspirational program to the community and provide a taste of foods that reflects the seasons of the year.  It is our goal to provide the Fruit of the spirit in the works that we do for the Lord: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


                                        PRESIDENT                                                 KAREN EDMONDS
                                        VICE PRESIDENT                                         TERESA BURNS
                                        SECRETARY                                                 DENISE BRITT
                                        TREASURER                                                 TIFFANY BURNS/LINDA JONES
                                        CHAPLAIN                                                 DAISY THOMAS