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Women's Fellowship

Mission Statement:  To provide the opportunity for the Women of the Church  and  the community to gather together for service and fellowship, and to share and strengthen their lives in order to become better witnesses of God’s word to God’s people. 

Duties and Responsibilities:  To conduct monthly meetings, including spiritual enrichment and/or   fellowship sessions to, 

1.      Foster, encourage and build sisterly relationships among the women of the church family and non-members from the community.

2.      Support and participate in the various church programs and fund raising activities.

3.      Assist Women in living lives that are balanced spiritually, physically and emotionally.

4.      Challenge and encourage women to grow and continually mature in Christ so that we may extend God’s hand to those in crisis.

5.      Invite and encourage the non-churched and uncommitted by extending God’s hand to those in need of God in their lives.

6.      Network among women and other churches in order to facilitate fellowship and spiritual growth.

7.      Participate in a community service project such as Feeding the Homeless, Food bank, Mentoring program etc.

8.      Plan, develop and implement the annual Women’s Day program in celebration of God’s women.

9.      Meeting held once a month on the 2nd Monday at 6:30 pm.




Vice President
Program Chair
Wendy Hunter
Joyce Harris
Karen Edmonds
Carmen Thomas
Hybernia Peace
Carolyn Marks